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Kimono Silk Thread

Binding Threads

Binding threads usually consist of fine, strong threads which don't add bulk to your quilt. Traditional binding is done by hand, but for those who are brave enough (or would rather speed up the process) machine binding is a good option. A binding thread shouldn't be visible which is why we recommend our finest threads when it comes to binding.

Bottom Line

Lint-free never felt so good. Designed with award-winning quilter Libby Lehman, The Bottom Line makes a fantastic bobbin thread for any type of sewing. Its lightweight, blending colors are easily matched with any top thread. Available in 55 colors. Invisible appliqué and binding is a breeze with Bottom Line as it glides through layers of fabric.  The Bottom Line is also fantastic for micro-stippling.

Kimono Silk

Kimono Silk is a #100, very fine silk thread. Made from 100% pure Japanese filament silk, Kimono Silk is incredibly strong for how fine it is. Excellent for binding since it slides through fabric without added friction. Available in 80 colors and wound on mini-cones and spools. Mother Superior uses Kimono Silk exclusively when she binds her quilts by hand.

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