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razzle dazzle polyester thread

Bobbinwork Threads

Reverse Quilting (also known as Bobbinwork) is the application of using the bobbin thread to be the top decorative thread on top of a quilt.  Wind a bobbin with the desired thread, flip the project over, and start sewing.  Your top thread will be on the back of the quilt with your bobbin thread on the front.  Almost any thread can be ran through the bobbin, which makes Bobbinwork a great way to incorporate heavy threads into projects.

Razzle Dazzle

Designed with award-winning quilter Ricky Tims, be bold and dazzle with Razzle Dazzle polyester thread. A thick 8wt. thread for bobbinwork, couching, and reverse quilting, Razzle Dazzle adds a presence that will be front and center in your project. Available in 25 variegated colors. Razzle Dazzle is iron and dryer safe on medium heat.


Halo is a polyester thread with strands of Metallic intertwined, which creates a beautiful effect when stitched. Perfect thread to add depth to any bobbinwork or couching project. Available in 36 beautiful variegated color combinations.