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Superior's Apparel Thread Selection

There are many different types of thread to use for apparel applications.  Since it can be difficult to cover every application when it comes to sewing garments, we've put together a chart which provides some good, general information about our threads.  Below, you will find the brand, size (thickness), fiber type, and description on how they are used when it comes to clothing construction and general apparel use. Please visit our individual product pages (the bolded brand names) for a detailed explanation.

If you need further assistance determining the best thread for your unique use, please call or e-mail

Apparel Thread by Superior Threads

Type of Thread
 (Very fine)
Polyester monofilament 
Available in clear and smoke
Tex 18 (Fine)
Filament polyester 
Available in 55 colors. This thread is a fairly slick thread. It is also high-sheen.
Tex 21 (Light)
Spun polyester 
Available in white only. Custom colors available upon request.
Tex 26 (Light)
Filament polyester 
Excellent for many applications, but is best for high-end applications since this thread is more expensive than others.
Tex 27 (Medium)
Spun polyester 
Available in 3 colors. It is a strong, economical thread for the type of thread it is, but we recommend OMNI if you need added strength. 
Tex 30 (Medium)
Polyester wrapped/polyester core 
OMNI is probably the most used thread for apparel. It is available in 172 colors. Tex 30 is the most common size but we can provide custom thicknesses if needed. 
Textured Polyester
Available in 60 colors. High strength. Custom dyeing available.
Textured Polyester 
Available in 36 colors on mini cones. Up to 411 colors available for custom orders. Excellent stretch and coverage.