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Needle Points for Industrial and Longarm machine Needles by Groz-Beckert

Abbreviation Description Application and Usage
R Regular Round Point Universal application for lockstitch and woven cloth
RS/SPI Sharp Round Point Standard for blindstitch. Also for very straight stitchlines.
RG Round Point with Slightly Rounded Tip Recommended application for chainstitch, knitted fabrics and button sewing
FFG/SES Light Ball Point For all kinds of knitted and synthetic fabrics
FG/SUK Medium Ball Point For highly elasticated material with rubber or elastomeric content
G/SKF Heavy Ball Point For coarser materials of high elasticity. Also for open-structured fabrics
SKL Special Ball Point Knitted and woven fabrics with high content of elastomerics
SD Round Point With Small Triangular Cutting Edge at Tip For plastic foils, laminates, and leather clothing
P Narrow Wedge (NW) Point For dense stitch formation in leather. Edge and cup seams on uppers.
S Narrow Cross (NCR) Point For long stitches deeply set and very straight stitch lines in leather
DI Diamond (DIA) Point For straight stitchlines in hard and dense leathers and for bag seams
LR Narrow Reverse Twist (NRTW/RTW) Point For slanted stitch appearance in leathers and ornamental seams
VR Narrow Reverse Twirst (NRTWSP/RTWSP) Point Application similar to LR, but slight stronger cutting effect
LL Narrow Twist (NTW/TW) Point Stitch appearance almost straight. For regular joining seams in leather
D Triangular (TRI) Point Stitch appearance almost straight. For hard and dense leathers
DU Reverse Triangular (RTRI) Point For twin needle machines (left needle) to match the seam of right needle (D)
Q Square (SQ) Point For heavy, hard and homogeneous materials. Bag seams
QR Reverse Square (RSQ) Point Application similar to Q
STAY Flattened Round (STAY) Point Application similar to Q. Also for buttonholes in leather clothing

Source: Groz-Beckert®

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