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OMNI polyester thread

Serger Threads

There are many different types of threads which can be used in the needles and loopers of a serger. Below our the most popular threads used for clothing construction and other serger applications.

Sergin' General

Tex 30 (approx. 40 wt.) Poly-wrapped poly core thread. Specifically designed for Serging. Sergin General is the cleanest serger thread available. With excellent strength and elongation, you will experience smoother stitches with less puckering when sewing. Available in 50 solid colors, these colors have been specifically chosen for their blending tone and ability to work with many different fabric colors. Enjoy Superior confidence when sewing with Sergin' General on all your serger projects. Sergin' General can be used in both the needle and loopers.


Polyarn is a premium “woollie-like” texturized polyester thread made for the loopers of your serger. Polyarn has excellent elasticity, recovery, and flexibility, which makes Polyarn the top choice for garment construction with sergers and overlock machines. Because Polyarn is 100% polyester, it has a higher heat resistance than woollie nylon threads. These beautiful colors are colorfast and can be commercially laundered without risk of fading. With its excellent coverage, Polyarn can be used for simple hems or fancy stitching.


ProLock is an exciting new Tex 35, texturized polyester thread (DTY) designed for serging on fleece, knits, and stretch fabrics in the loopers of your serger. Available in 60 colors, ProLock is colorfast and can be commercially laundered without risk of fading. With the bulk, elasticity, and flexibility popularized by “woollie-like” nylon threads, ProLock has all these traits plus the addition of a higher heat-resistance.

What is the difference between Polyarn and ProLock?

Polyarn is the recommended thread when stretch is critical. It has 50% more stretch than ProLock and is more widely-used in stretchy apparel fabrics such as swimsuits and leotards. ProLock is stronger and has better coverage (but lacks the stretch that Polyarn has). ProLock is widely-used for serging when stretch isn't critical.

Decorative Serger Threads


Add a beautiful edge to your serged pieces with Halo. Halo is a polyester thread with strands of Metallic intertwined. Available in 36 beautiful variegated color combinations. When serging, put Halo into both or one of the loopers for a beautiful finished edge.

Razzle Dazzle

Designed with award-winning quilter Ricky Tims, be bold and dazzle with Razzle Dazzle polyester thread. A thick 8wt. thread, Razzle Dazzle will add dimension to any project you serge. Most commonly used in the upper looper for decorative stitches.