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variegated threadsVariegated Threads: Add dimension to your project!

Superior Threads carries a variety of multi-colored threads called "Variegated Threads." The variegation allows for more life in your threads whether it be in a single straight stitch, embroidery, filigree, or patterns. 

Check out our Variegated Thread Finder to see what each thread looks like and then buy what you need. 

  • Fantastico is a high-tenacity trilobal polyester thread which is strong, bright, and beautiful. Labeled as a #40, it is ideal for quilting and embroidery. 

  • Halo is designed to add shimmer and sparkle to any garment or quilt. Halo is a Tex 30 (approx. 40 wt.) polyester with strands of metallic intertwined. Great for adding a little extra pizazz to your serger projects. Available in 36 colors.

  • King Tut is a #40/3 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton. Known as 'Nature's finest thread', King Tut has a gorgeous matte finish and is excellent for quilting. Available in 133 colors.

  • Metallics Superior Metallic thread is the world's best metallic thread. Strong enough for long-arm machine quilting and embroidery machines, you will not be disappointed with the gorgeous sheen. Labeled as a #40, Metallic is available in 25 colors with 2 variegated choices.

  • Rainbows is a premium high-sheen variegated polyester. With 60 colors to choose from, you'll find a fantastic blend of tone-on-tones and bold multi-colored selections. Labeled as a #40, Rainbows is ideal for quilting and embroidery.

  • So Fine! #40 So Fine! #40 is polyester thread with a 1-inch color-change interval. Its strength and medium sheen make this quilting thread ideal for any quilting application. Available in 35 colors.

  • Tiara Variegated Silk is a #50 Japanese filament silk thread. A smooth and attractive thread available in 24 colors.

  • Treasure is our premium Hand Quilting thread. A #30/3-ply coated extra-long staple cotton available in 25 colors with tone-on-tone variegation. Because Treasure has a special coating, it gives it the strength needed for the stress that hand quilting puts on thread. 

  • Twist is a scientific breakthrough in the thread world. A #40 high-tenacity trilobal polyester, it is the first multi-colored polyester thread which has been twisted together instead of dyed. Two strands of different-colored thread are twisted together to create a unique pattern of its own. Twist is wonderful for embroidery and will add a brand new dimension to your work.

We carry Polyester, Cotton, Silk, & Metallic variegated threads and produce a wide selection of Quilting, Embroidery,Sewing, Serger, Industrial, Apparel, and Specialty threads.